Dangerous Toy: 7×7 Super Puzzle Cube

If you think 3×3 puzzle cube is not enough to tickle your smart brain, then try this extreme hard level of Super Puzzle Cube with 7 columns x 7 rows cube. I’ll guarantee you’ll smack it to the ground as you’ll out of your mind playing this “dangerous” toy.

This toy is dangerous because it will immediately drive you to nuts or crazy state and completely bring down your sanity and start shouting like monkey! 😉

And that’s will happen after just a simple twists and turns by your granny. Never underestimated the looks of this super puzzle cube. You’ll know how hard it is if you’ve ever played the 3×3 or even the 5×5 puzzle cube.

It will takes forever to solve the puzzle and I’m sure if you’ve managed to recover the puzzle, you won’t do it again as it’s super difficult! So, I’m not recommended you to have this toy if you’ve already stress enough on your work! 😉

But if you dare to take the challenge, head on to Thinkgeek to find out more. It’s should be around $60 to own one.

(via Random Good Stuff)

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