LG in Hard Drive Market: LG External HDD XD4

LG recently launched an external hard drive and prepare to compete in the Hard drive market. As we have known, LG is pretty new in this market. I bet LG see some serious potential in storage business which make them to launched this External HDD called XD4.

LG External Hard Drive XD4

It first arrived at Korea, we are lucky enough to be served with this new hard drive model with a hot chick smiling on it:

Beauty LG Model with Cool External Hard Drive - XD4

Beauty LG Model with Cool External Hard Drive - XD4!

LG XD4 external HDD feature a massive storage of 1TB and its case design with high-gloss black aluminum finish. LG XD4 also have an enhanced durability and a good protection against overheat problems.

(via AVING)

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