Acer LCD Monitor Goes USB With DisplayLink

This is quite a hot news about the conjunction between Acer and Displaylink. Their conjunction’s result in Acer new LCD Monitor that fully operated under DisplayLink technology. DisplayLink technology is all about the possibility USB connection to a LCD, instead of Analog or DVI connection.

Acer B223 22-inch LCD Monitor with DisplayLink Network Chip

Acer B223 22-inch LCD Monitor with DisplayLink Network Chip

This is the newest LCD monitor that operated under USB connection, the Acer B223 22-inch LCD monitor.
The ultimate feature is the ‘premium’ display capacity which allow you to use up to 6 monitors on one PC (thanks to the DisplayLink DL-160 network display chip!) through USB Hub or similar gadgets.

Acer B223 can punch out 1680 x 1050 screen resolution, response time at 5-miliseconds, 32-bit, true-color graphics, rotation and swivel angles can be adjusted for your optimal viewing comfort.

It should be available soon (as it’s already available in Europe) in US of A for $430. Well, not a cheap LCD to get, but it has a cool network display adapter attached (again, thanks to DisplayLink).

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