Logio Secure Password Organizer – Better Solution to Store Passwords

Securing username and password is the most critical task for bloggers and online marketers. There are bunch of sites to log in and lots of web-based tools that require a login key before you can use it.

Of course, a simple excel database will do and most likely you won’t need extra gadget to help you with this task. But let’s think in another perspective. An Extra password organizer like Atek Logio will save your days if something bad happen unexpected, such as your laptop suddenly stop working and you can’t get the data immediately.

Logio Password Organizer

Logio Secure Password Organizer will store your data externally without the need of your computer. Moreover, it’s very lightweight and you can bring it around easily. The size is credit card like, and you can put it to your pocket without taking much place for other things to stuff in.

With the Logio Secure Password Organizer, you can easily keep track of different, hard-to-guess passwords simply by memorizing one master passcode to access the encrypted data. And you can conveniently and securely carry this information with you wherever you go! Logio is so small, thin (just 1/8″), and light weight, you can keep it in your wallet, purse, or pocket, or use the lanyard to carry it around your neck.
— Atek.com

Logio Secure Password Organizer is only $30 and you read the full specification at Atek site.

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