HP Reveals Flexible Plastic TFT Displays

It looks like we have arrived in the super thin display era. HP recently reveals a super-thin TFT Display from a Flexible Plastic. It’s invented by HP Labs and Arizona State of University, they’ve built the first example of the working super-thin TFT display within a flexible plastic.

HP Flexible Plastic TFT Displays

HP Flexible Plastic TFT Displays

This thin layer flexible plastic TFT display is using the process of self-aligned imprint lithography or SAIL which allows manufacturer to produce a scroll and roll-able display without breaking the display.

This now make sense for PSP 2 concept design to be realized! The concept exactly using this type of screen to save space.

HP says that this display is capable of showing figures and graphic without a separated backlight, and it is more efficient and less expensive for a mass production. They claimed that with this type of Screen for the future gadgets and hardware, they can save up to 90% of material to produce one charming super thin LCD display screen.

More on HP’s Press Release.

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