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Pano Zero Client Mini PC: The Nothingness!

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We are not going to tell you about meditation to reach the nothingness, the emptiness. But this little PC from Pano is exactly about Nothingness. Pano Zero Client PC featured nothing, no software, no CPU, no memory, no nothing!

Pano Zero Client PC

Pano Zero Client PC

It’s interesting fact that Pano PC will only use 3% of normal PC power and it will operated through a LAN network. Pano PC did included a very basic ports such as audio jack, VGA port, USB port and Ethernet port. You can hook up your mouse and keyboard through a USB hub help.

Bare Basic of Pano Zero Client PC

Bare Basic of Pano Zero Client PC

There is no further information about how it will perform and how to install additional drivers for extra devices such as webcam. There is also no word on the availability and the price you need to pay for one Pano mini Nothingness PC.

(via UnPlggd)

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