Netbook Cooling Pad with Optical Drive

Most of Macbook Air or Netbook or any other mini/thin size laptop user would facing one cruel problem, there is no built-in optical drive for them!

Especially Macbook Air users, they will need to add extra fund solely to get an external Optical drive. What if there is a better solution, where you can pay one to get two?

Well, here is it! A Netbook size Cooling Pad with Optical Drive!


It’s cooling pad with special design for mini-laptop/netbook user. It has 2 additional USB ports and a drive bay. It’s depend on what you are going to slide into that drive bay, you can either get a SATA Hard drive or get a slim IDE optical drive (depend on the model).

This netbook cooling pad price is set to $40 each. You can order it online through their Japanese site.

(via OhGizmo!)

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