The Hemp-Mote – Cool Nature Mods for Nintendo WiiMote

What could a hemp do with your Nintendo Wii you say? Well, here is what a hemp capable to do to your WiiMotes when a passionate Nature lover taking his action:

Wiimote and Nunchuk Mods with 100% Nature Hemp

Wiimote and Nunchuk Mods with 100% Nature Hemp

DHRECK, who is in charge of this hemp style modification trying to create a Wiimotes from 100% natural hemp. Ops, I got it wrong. Not making a the whole Wiimote with hemp, but covering the white pale ceramic case with those natural hemp.


According to DHRECK, the warping process is a little bit complicated, so let’s have him do the explanation:

First the original Mote & Nunchuk needed to be whittled down to a much smaller form factor. This to ensure you don’t end up with a very stocky Wii-mote.

Using saws and files I removed most of the hard plastic shells, then rebuild the underlying shapes using modeling putty. After Smoothing the result out with fine grained sandpaper I give the whole a quick black paint job to ensure eventual gaps didn’t stand out too much. Tadaa, a base to wrap stuff around.

I took out my ball of string and started with the largest areas. Unfortunately it is not enough to only wrap the string, I also needed to rather painstakingly glue it all into place to make sure nothing would unravel.

The first to get wrapped up were the wire connecting the Wii-mote to the Nunchuk and other larger features that would lie below others. Round and round I went. And round. After these single long unbroken strings shapes were done it was on to the detail work. Buttons, ridge guards and accentuation, shaping each to fit into the whole, all the while making sure the underlying mechanisms keep functioning smoothly. Test often.

Finally, In a move that might have severely altered the here shown pictures for the worse, I used several lighters to remove any fuzz and somewhat seal the hemp string closed. /extreme caution

Hemp-mote is one of the craziest art I’ve ever seen for gamer. For the first slightest sight, it looks ugly because of the natural hemp alignments. But when you observes carefully, it’s really a state of art that worth an applause.

You can find out more about DHRECK’s works on this Hemp-mote Mods here.

(Thanks, DHRECK!)

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