LED Graffiti Magnets – Short Term Art Fun

Wanna have something glowing and colorful on your car, motorbike, bicycle or anything else made from metal?

Here, check this LED Graffiti Magnets out for 48 hours glowing fun:



LED Grafitti Magnets comes in 20 pieces of them, starting from red, blue, green and orange and rainbow cycling LED. There is no on/off button on them, just a pull on tab to activate. Once activated, the light could sustain approximately 48 hours.

It might be a good idea to decorate your patio/room/garden or area with metal the night before Christmas with these LED Graffiti magnets. Well, it’s up to you to think for the best.

If you are interested, you can find this LED Graffiti magnets for $10 at Thinkgeek.

(via GeekAlerts)

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