Battery Charger Toaster – Not Really Toasting Your Battery

Imagine a real battery get toasted, you’ll immediately taste the explode to your face. But that’s not about this battery toaster. It’s not really a toaster, but a Battery charger with toaster shape and feel.

Battery Charger with Toaster Design

Battery Charger with Toaster Design

Designed by Hyun-A Ko, this is another good concept from another Korean designer. It idea is pretty idiomatic, “to eat batteries for breakfast”, it’s just like imagining bread as battery and eat them to regain the lost energy.

It’s a brilliant idea, and the design is as brilliant as the concept. You can simply slide the battery into the “toaster” like you’ll do with your bread on toaster. Then push the handle down to charge and after fully recharged, the charger toaster will pop back so you can use it again to refill your lost energy.

There is a bread design indicator with warm orange LEDs shining brighter and brighter as the battery charges inside the toaster. Well, because it’s so really… just make sure you don’t grab the wrong “bread” when you are having your morning rush hour time. 😉

(source: YankoDesign via WooHome)

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