Huge Portable Solar Charger with Battery

The trend of SolarGorilla might have passed but the popularity of solar charger remain hot and spreading like wildfire. In this chance, Chinavasion show us their mighty of new solar charger with battery and I can tell you it is a HUGE version of portable solar panel.


The design looks exactly like a laptop clamshell design. As soon as you open the case, you’ll see two big solar panels implemented on each side. To the right side, you see a range of output voltage from 5V to 24V. You’ll also found two DC output that separating 5V-12V and 16V-24V to two type of DC outputs. At last but not least, there is a USB ports to charge USB gadgets.

Right Side and Rear Side of Portable Solar Charger

Right Side and Rear Side of Portable Solar Charger

The only downside on my opinion is this solar charger cannot directly power your laptop or any other 24V gadgets. It’s solely created for recharging not for direct power supply.

If you are interested in this huge solar charger/battery pack, you can find more information at Chinavasion ($229.40).

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