Mamoru – Robot to Assist Our Grandparent

If you are always busy with your work and have less time to take care of your grandparent, Mamoru is here to help.

Mamoru - Mini helper for our Grandparent

Mamoru - Mini helper for our Grandparent

Mamoru will help our grandparent to remember where they’ve left their Books, slippers, and offers polite notices and reminders when to take their health supplements. Mamoru is basically a objects recognition robot with its wide-angle camera to keep track of what’s happening inside the scope of the camera.

But Mamoru can’t helps with bladder task! :)

Well, it’s obvious that caregiver still far outperforming this little robot could do. But somehow it’s a good stuff if your grandparent have a rather high interests in robotic helper. But leaving to a caregiver or robot is totally inhuman, I’ll tell ya! Try your best to get your time to accompany your grandparent. That’s the best medicine for them. 😉

(via DVice)

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