Hook It Up! Live Jam 3 Pack- Guitarist/ Keyboardist/ Drummer

Hook It Up! Live Jam 3 Pack is all about three robothood with each of them a professional Guitarist, Keyboardist and Drummer. This three adorable brotherhood could play intruments on their own and you’ll hear their plays through the internal speakers.


You can actually separate them so they can stand individually. But you’ll not getting the Jamming effect from only one of them. The united of three of them is only key to really start their Jamming, plus sounds and lighting effects.

Hook it up! Live Jam 3 pack have a built in / pre-recorded musics/tunes to let them start their show. But you can also plug your MP3 player into them to let them play to the beat of your music. So adorable indeed!

This three little brothers can be obtained for $49.95 (original price) a group of them, you can find it at Amazon for $59 or far more cheaper at Toys R Us for $14.98 only!

(via ChipChick)

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