NVidia Ion – Strong External Graphic Card for NetBooks

As the matter of fact, Netbook have the benefits in size and portability while completely suck in graphic performances. That’s why nVidia invented ION, an external Graphic card for netbook with power as strong as a high-end performer graphic card.

NVidia Ion - New External Graphic Card for Netbook

NVidia Ion - New External Graphic Card for Netbook

NVidia Ion platform is actually a GeForce 9400m GPU. With this type of external graphical power addons, a netbook now can perform a much better task such as watch High Definition video or playing high end games.

Inside view of NVidia Ion

Inside view of NVidia Ion

NVidia Ion will allow a netbook to run on Vista or even the Pre-launch Windows 7 while generating lesser heat with the same power consumption. But this type of performance addons needs you to add an additional $50 to the overall price before you can enjoy the benefits.

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  • heloowwww im just want to ask about the external nvidia video card . becose i have netbook acer aspire on with intel graphics card so i can’t play games so can i got a external nvidia graphics card

    • Hi Andrson,

      The Nvidia Ion external graphic card is not available yet. Most of the solution was built-in into netbook and you won’t be able to purchase it separately. However, you can check out “ViDock 2” which offer you the solution you needed with your netbook. But I’m doubt if your Intel Atom could do anything at all. Your CPU should fast enough (at least 2Ghz) and your RAM should be about 4GB for Windows 7.

  • Driftingcris

    Hi, i just want to ask something.
    Ken you said tha if somebody want to run Windows 7 on a netbook need to have 4 gigabyte ram. I have 1 Gigabyte ram and my Lg x120-l run it very good.
    I also want to aske about the NVidia Ion price…
    Will it be cheap ar expenssive???
    Will it come to Greece in shops????

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