OCZ introduces New FLEX EX Memory

Have your computer lack of strong performance memory? then check out this newly built fastest Air or Liquid cooled DDR2 4GB from OCZ called Flex EX series.


Yes, it’s both Air or Liquid cooled, it’s your choice. OCZ Flex Ex series has a new design which is more compact case design and eliminate any bulky physical to maximize the room for other device to jack in.

OCZ Flex Ex series will be available in DDR2 and DDR3 with frequency up to DDR2-1200 and DDR3-2000, which is the fastest performance memory available to date.

More cool stuff is the Flex EX thermal management solution which allows memory to run like crazy without worrying the high temperatures. This is the most exciting news for OC-er since heat always become the biggest problem in leveraging the PC performance.

(via Tom’s Hardware)

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