Super Talent Ship Pico 16GB World Smallest Flash Drive

As you have known about Pico the super mini flash drive, Super Talent now ship the larger capacity of the last 8GB size. Pico now is 16GB and you’ll be able to see it if you are going to attend the CES 2009 showcase this January 8, 2009.


With the same specification but larger in capacity, Pico Flash drive has become the first world smallest flash drive you’ll ever met. According to Super Talent Director of Marketing, Joe James, “Not only are these Pico drives impressively small, they’re also quite fast, water resistant, and very fashionable“.


The 16GB version will be available in all of the model, starting from Pico A, B, and C, Pico-C Gold, Nickel, D, E-chrome and E gold version.

(via Super Talent)

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