Football Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Kit

For a football fan, anything related to that sphere shaped ball will deeply impressed them. Let’s take this little football gadget for example. Wouldn’t they raving for it? :)

Football shaped Handsfree with Bluetooth-enabled

Football shaped Handsfree with Bluetooth-enabled

Placing this little bluetooth handsfree speaker gadget on your car is not only about the passion on football, it’s also about the high-tech side of a football-freaks.

Football bluetooth handsfree speaker kit is the easiest solution to help you make a call while you are driving car. It has a built-in microphone, handsfree and headset profiles, and it’s easily detected by your bluetooth-enabled cell phone/smartphones. You can use this football handsfree for up to 7 hours talk/listening time with its built-in rechargeable battery.

If you are interested in this football shaped bluetooth handsfree speaker kit, head on over for more information ($60).

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