Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS with Dual Screen

It seems the concept of Canova is begin to make sense with the latest Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds. This laptop comes with a secondary display right behind the primary screen which you can pull in and out like a drawer.


Although it’s still not a touch screen yet, but it’s already a good improvement in providing more workspace without additional cable-linked LCD monitor for maximum portability. The screen display is 17-inch with integrated WACOM digitizer.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds laptop is powered by Intel strong Core 2 Quad processors, and the super cool NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M GPU for mobile uses, while still provide a whopping 8GB RAM and almost 1TB (960GB) SSD / HDD Storage. The price is started at $3,600 and more. Its not a cheap stuff to get. But nice for professional to enjoy more screen while they are in the plane working on their projects. :)

(via TechFresh)

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