LG Intros New LCD Screen for Outdoor and Indoor

If you are a laptop user or gadgets that is using TFT screen, you will soon notice the screen display will turn bad when you are using it outdoor where the bright sun shining or a bright light covering the area where you are standing.

This problem is somehow solved by LG with their latest invention of new LC Screen that is suitable both for indoor or outdoor usage.

LG New Outdoor-friendly LCD Screen

LG New Outdoor-friendly LCD Screen

It’s basically a screen module for notebook. The screen featuring an adaptive backlight display with will condition the screen for maximum visibility in any type of bright environment. You can also switch the screen from transmissive mode to reflective mode where the screen uses sunlight to illuminate itself. This is a proven feature for a longer battery lifespan for the laptop!

(Source: AkihabaraNews via TechFresh)

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