Space Invaders Headphones

Hi there space invaders fan! Here comes another cool stuff for you, a space invaders headphones! :)

Well, it’s been a hot talk since the last summer and it seem the producer has missed the released date and postponed everything until this December. But that’s the past, let’s just focus on what you can have right now as a special fan of space invaders.

This piece of headphones comes in two cool color combination styles, the first is the combination of two master basic color white and black, while the other is consist of three color mix white driven with black and pink to spice up the style.

Space Invaders Headphones

Space Invaders Headphones

Two styles are on offer – black circumaural headphones with a single white-pixel Invader and the original logo imprinted on each phone or a pair of pink headphones decorated with the Space Invaders logo and two miniature Invaders on the top and bottom of the text.

The design of the headphones is one of easy adjustability so that the phones swivel freely just like the Koss UR 20 headphones that we use from time to time. An adjustable headband allows users to lengthen the distance between the phones and the band.

The downside is this headphone is not those bombastic type of audio equipment (such as Nixon), so don’t hope so much on that section and enjoy it purely for expressing your love to Space Invaders! :)

If you are interested to get one for your own, you can find it at NCSX shop for $25.90. They’ve already begun to shipped those who have pre-ordered.

(via Coolest Gadgets and GeekAlerts)

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