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Do you want a keyboard with customizable keys and OLED icons? Okay, you might pointed to that super expensive Optimus keyboard which has those function included. But what happen if you are out of fund and only capable to get a hundreds buck good keyboard with OLED display?

Well, here’s UnitedKeys come to cover up that needs with their latest OLED keyboard with same functionality (lesser) at an affordable price mark.

UnitedKeys OLED Keyboard - taken from OLED-Info.com

UnitedKeys OLED Keyboard - taken from OLED-Info.com

According to the full review by OLED-Info.com, UnitedKeys OLED keyboard is certainly not a having a minimalist design and it’s rather big for your desk. The main attraction is the blue glowing line and 3 x 3 OLED keys to the left of the keyboard which shine in yellow with customizable icons.


Each of the OLED key can displaying 64 x 64 pixel icons and customizable with the help of the included OLED manager software. But it’s pretty sad that the lifespan of the OLED display is as low as 40,000 hours only. Which translated roughly into 4 years and 6 months of continuous usage. But it’s not bad actually. No one would love to online 24 hours except you are downloading big files with torrents or something.

The price mark for this full 103-key keyboard from UnitedKeys is $249 or if you just want to have that yellow shining OLED as your desktop companion, you can get the keypad version for only $199.

UnitedKeys OLED Standalone 9-Key Keypad

UnitedKeys OLED Standalone 9-Key Keypad

Read more about the review at OLED-info.com.

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