Blast Knuckles – Stunt Your Enemy, Not Blasting Them Away

The branding of this self-defense gadget is pretty unique. Blast Knuckles is actually a stunt gun and you won’t get a blasting effect except the electricity sparks over the front of the knuckle’s edge.

Blast Knuckles - 950,000v Power

Blast Knuckles - 950,000v Power

So you won’t blow your enemy away with this knuckles, but you will send them to their day-dreaming time for around 10 minutes so you can do anything with their petrified body. Well, that’s the effect when a 950,000 thunder-like electricity strike to a human body.

Blast knuckles is powered by a lithium ion batteries, you can find this self-defense stunt gun knuckles for $50 at SportsMansGuide. Maybe you can combine it with the knuckles umbrella to achieve maximum protection? Well, you decide! 😉

(via Ken’s Gadgets)

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