The Champiot – Quadcycle Powered by Arms

Growing tired of the usual bicycle? Why don’t you try this new method of cycling? It seems so interesting because the leverage is now on your arms instead of your feet!


This is Champiot, a Quadcycle that only moves when you do a push-up style or back and forth movement on the handle. Well, it sure does looks like a rowing machine!

“The exerciser, which has been built under precise engineering specifications to achieve optimal strength, stability and safety with minimal weight, and which has a motorcycle chain and four inflatable tires, has been designed to promote and maintain physical and emotional health of persons from 4’2″ to 6’6″ tall, (maximum weight 300 lbs), with an aerobic, wholesome, exhilarating, OUTDOOR exercise, on sidewalks, bike pathways, parks and beaches of THE WORLD! It can be transported by automobile using the same racks that are utilized to transport bicycles.”

Although it’s an interesting new method for cycling, Champiot want to to jab your pocket deep and pull out one grand to get this Quadcycle. It’s certainly expensive, but worth to try if you have that spare money to spend!

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