Happy New Year 2009, Folks!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s time for us in HardwareSphere to say good bye to 2008! 😀

“GOOD BYE, 2008! Thanks for this awesome year! We’ll never forget what has 2008 brought us!”

Well, it’s just our little expression for 2008, and here is for you guys:

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, MY FELLOW READER! :) Without you all, this blog is just another junk data floating in the internet universe! Thank you and please keep supporting us in the year of 2009!

Yes, thank you for everything in this 2008. This blog in the range of 7 months has done a pretty good record for us in term of fulfillment and income. That’s all because of YOU who read this blog regularly or come through the search engines. We know we have done some absurd mistakes, but we promise to do better in 2009 and all the year following.

As far as this blog goes, in 2008 we have collected a bunch of cool gadgets and hot hardware. So, to make a summary of this year, here is our top ten most popular post of the year:

  1. 5 Cool Looking Floating Speakers for Your BathTub (insanely popular!)
  2. 8 Hot and Cool iPhone Cases You Probably Haven’t Seen!
  3. Transcend Jetflash V20 USB Flash Drive – Whopping 64GB!
  4. AirBoard – Walnut Board for Apple Wireless Keyboard
  5. Bloody Cool Nintendo Wii Case Mods
  6. Solar Gorilla – Huge Solar Charger for Laptop
  7. Head Scratching and Eyes Spinning: 8 Hardest to Read Watches!
  8. USB Mirror WebCam – Make You Looks Good
  9. Lazy Panda Cell Phone Strap – 12 Lazy Poses!
  10. Zoowear Kuma – Turn your iPod to Pink Bear

Yep, that’s the record of the year. But that’s not everything! We also need to say “thank you” personally through a link-love to our best buddies who have helped us to climb to this height! Well, here they are:

  1. Al at Coolest Gadgets
  2. Robert at GeekAlerts
  3. FatGadget at Geeky Gadgets
  4. Mike at Coated dot com
  5. Kin at GadgetLite
  6. Michael at Random Good Stuff
  7. TalSiach at WalYou
  8. Mike Payne at GearCrave
  9. iGreenSpot at iGreenSpot.com
  10. Joey at iXiQi
  11. InstaBlogs Network at CoolBuzz and HomeTone

Thank you, everyone! Wishing you the best new year of 2009!

P.S. We are going to take a break and will resume our regular activities this January 2nd, 2009. Well, see you again! :)

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