Brother’s Quattro 6000D Sewing Machine

This Sewing Machine from Brother Quattro probably is something that you will amaze and stunt for a moment. Brother’s Quattro 6000D sewing machine is not a mere tools for your mother to make some home-made shirts or skirts. It has a very high-tech features attached on this giant size sewing mechine!

Hi-Tech Sewing Machine - Not for Non-Techie Soul...

Hi-Tech Sewing Machine - Not for Non-Techie Soul...

Brother’s Quattro 6000D sewing machine has a 4.5 x 7 inch Sharp High Definition LCD display on the right side. The main purpose of the LCD is to enable zooming or close-up observation on the needle point and see clearly what you are sewing. Well, it’s all thanks to the small camera on the right side of the needle! Well, that Brother’s “InnovEye” and “Up-Close Viewer” technology that places a camera right next to the needle to give the user a birds-eye view on the LCD to allow perfect placement before stitching.

Beside the LCD feature, you will also get 3 USB ports to transfer or store stitches pattern. But there is no further information about why it has USB ports for a sewing machine. Maybe they can power up your USB gadgets? Well how knows…

But I can certainly stated that this sewing machine is not for non-techie or grandparent who has a memory problem. I’m sure they’ll need to learn a whole lot more new thing before beginning stitching their first flower! Better use the traditional sewing machine for them to lighten their life’s burden. :)

No words on the availability and the price still unknown. But I’m sure it won’t be a cheap sewing machine!

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