Firebo-X Portable Fireplace

Fireplace is the most crucial equipment in a house when in the coldest winter. Exactly now, where everywhere is blanketed with snows and cold temperature, a portable fireplace such as this Firebo-X is very hand to keep yourself warm in case you want to stay outside in your patio or garden.

Firebo-X - Fireplace that suitable for outdoor

Firebo-X - Fireplace that suitable for outdoor

Firebo-X can be used both outdoor and indoor and it’s very eco-friendly because the main source is using a liquid bio-ethanol that will produce no residuals in the fireplace.

It comes in the shape of a small wooden case with an elegant and compact design, making its mobility child’s play. The secret of a glossy stainless steel burner with luscious reflector comes into view as one flips open its hood. The small dimensions of the fireplace ask for mere less than 2’ space that is a great space saving ruse for all less spacious homes. The compact portable fireplace is perfect for outdoor parties as well as your living room.

(via BornRich and CG)

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