Fridge Door Can Caddy is a Soda Can Management Device

Personally, I’m not very fond canned beverage such as Coca Cola, Beers, Soda, and so on. However, I used to stuffed my fridge to full with canned sodas whenever the Chinese New Year is approaching. I would really get one of this fridge door can caddy to store my sodas effectively so I can stuffed other foods in.

Can Caddy - Use in Fridge or Picnic

Can Caddy - Use in Fridge or Picnic

This little transparent device could really help most of us to manage and store our canned beverage better than before. Each caddy could store 4 cans and it only take up to 1 can length size to store it at your fridge door. Well, it’s just like doubling the size of what it usually can store.

However, it’s not limited to use in your fridge. There is a handle upside of the caddy so you can definitely use it on your picnic, camping or anywhere else to carry your favorite canned beverages.

This little device is now available at TaylorGifts for $10 a caddy.

(via OhGizmo)

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