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USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch

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Whenever you want to be a stealth as a secret agent to download your friends’ private data, there is always a supportive gadget for you to use. The easiest way to get a small flash drive and a place for you to hide it well when facing emergency situation. This Hidden Flash Drive Watch is what you’ll seeking for those activities.

Hidden USB drive watch

Hidden USB drive watch

Featuring a small size flash drive but with a large 4GB capacity, and a hiding place in form of a super neat watch.

This watch has a plastic case covered by stainless steel mask with brushed silver finish and convex mineral glass with shiny raised index. The USB flash drive fits flush with the watch case – ready to hold your data safe and secure. You may even forget it’s there until you’re ready to use it.

  • Small USB flash drive fits completely inside of the watch
  • Perfect for carrying your data on secret missions
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Black polyurethane strap
  • Luminescent hands
  • 4GB capacity
  • Watch dial size: 1.1″ x 1″ (29 x 25mm)
  • Flash drive size: 1.5″ x .5″ x .25″ (38 x 13 x 6mm)

Well, no a single human will know you are wearing a stealth gadget if they haven’t read it at some gadget blogs or visiting ThinkGeek. It will be suitable stuff if your workmates is all information-lack type of people. If you think it’s not necessary to get stealth gadget for yourself, the watch is pretty cool on your wrist if you don’t mind to pay $50 for it. ;)

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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