Eazo Z70 PC with Wooden Exterior

Here is something cool from Chinese Manufacturer called Eazo. They have created a PC with wood exterior code name Z70. here is a snapshot of Eazo Z70 wooden exterior PC:


The interior specification is pretty high, an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processor as the main brain and it’s water cooled to prevent burning the exterior wood. Well, pretty a hype but it’s quiet true for such a beast processor. According to the seller site, customer can choose their own favorite materials and design to order a unique Z70 chassis.

Eazo Z70 - 80 years Myanmar RoseWood Exterior

Eazo Z70 - 80 years Myanmar RoseWood Exterior

In the standard version, Eazo Z70 is using 80 years Myanmar rosewood as the wooden exterior, while getting a 14 kilograms sturdy metal similar to car engine’s metal. Though there is no words about the price, I believe it’s somewhere up and standing in the line with Hardcore Computer.

Just a personal thought though, I wonder how many tree is going to down to create this luxurious exterior using the luxurious nature resources…

(Source [Chinese] via TechFresh and 2DayBlog)

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