Apple T-Equalizer T-Shirt

It’s been old technology to embedded an LED animation to our T-Shirt. We’re actually have gather some of them and post it in our 7 T-Equalizer T-Shirts article. So, I don’t know why Apple fan want to jump into this old bandwagon. Perhaps to express a little maniac passion over Mac while staying at the night pub? Well, you do the guess.


Well, it’s not truly the intention of Apple to get their logo on a T-Shirt, it’s just something done by fan to merge the old classic technology with their lovely Apple logo. The Apple T-Shirt will do the same thing as other T-Equalizer T-Shirt, reacts and responses to music and sounds around you. So, if you haven’t got yours and at the same time you are Apple’s fanatic, you can find it for only $20 at Ebay.

(via Geeky Gadgets, CraziestGadgets)

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