Cool Philips Xenium 9 @ 9q Dragon and Phoenix Phones

The last cool thing on cell phone design I’ve seen is Bruce Lee on Nokia N96. It looks great because I like him. :)

Well, now we have another cool design for cell phone that fully make use of Chinese’s two legendary creatures, the Dragon and Phoenix!

Philips Xenium 9@ 9q Dragon Phone Series

Philips Xenium [email protected] 9q Dragon Phone Series

Yep, that above is the dragon series of Philips Xenium [email protected] 9q phone. And Below is the Phoenix Red series:

Philips Xenium 9@ 9q Phoenix Phone Series

Philips Xenium [email protected] 9q Phoenix Phone Series

Those are a cool artworks, I can’t agree more. From the outer side, you will get a discreet screen as the indication of unread message, missed calls and how’s your battery life level. Suprisingly, the battery life is not bad at all. You will get approx. 8 hours of talking time ans standby for 1 month in a single charge.

Unfortunately, there is no inner side view, so I don’t have a clue how is the screen and how big is the buttons and other stuff.

(via NewLaunches)

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