Elekit Tornader Robot: Yoyo-like Remote Control

Elekit Tornader is a infrared yoyo-like remote control. Why I said yoyo because of the spinning movement. Yes, it moves forward but it also spin like a yoyo. Well, it’s thanks to the “insane spin mode”.

Elekit Tornader R/C Toy

Elekit Tornader R/C Toy

Need more detail on this Elekit Tornader? Well, let’s check the video out so you will have a firm grip of WTF is this toy can do:

Build your own infrared controlled robot that rolls and spins! The Tornader kit from Elekit makes quick moves such as spins, turns, one-wheel rides, and more according to your level of control. With 4-channels too choose from, you can use up to four separate robots all at the same time, and also customize the internal sheet to make it look how you want.

Looks interesting? Well, you can actually have it for $124 at JapanTrendShop. Yes, it’s Japan product as you have known from the picture. The package comes in a scatter part so you will to assemble them together before anything. Estimated time to finish the assembling is 1 hour and Elekit Tornader needs 6 AA size battery to power up.

(via TechEBlog)

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