Cute Kissing Octopus Couple Flash Drive

It’s been a long time we haven’t add anything to our Cute Stuff category. So, here it is a cute stuff in form of a Kissing Octopus Couple!


Well, it’s a flash drive actually… The available capacity is from 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. But that’s not the strong marketing perspective in this Kissing Octopus Couple series. I guess it’s more about the Love-hood between the flash drive because you can see the Kissing posse (well, that’s to the magnets at the end of the usb flash drive) and the love-love eyes at the head of the cute Octopus.


And you know what, this type of octopus figure is really Japanese. I know it because I’ve visited Japan before. It’s just looks like that takayoki symbol with a rounded mouth octopus. I can’t think anything related to it anymore. :)

Unfortunately, this takayoki, er, I mean the kissing octopus couple flash drive is not available yet and no information about the price and where to get it.

(Source: AData Taiwan)

UPDATE: The Kissing Octopus Couple is now available at 2GB, 4GB and 8GB is available for $19, $24 and $35, respectively.

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