Lighted Nunchaku for Reborn Bruce Lee

If you are a reborn soul of Bruce Lee, you might want to add up your fighting tools with the taste of modern style, like this LED lighted Nunchaku for example!

LED Lighted Nunchaku

LED Lighted Nunchaku

The deepest impression of Nunchaku wa on Bruce Lee and his weirdo WarCry shouting with Oval shape mouth while pronouncing the “WAA-TAAAA!” sounds. Well, it’s more hilarious than anything I could think about right now. :)

This lighted Nunchaku, however, might not be able to turn you into a reborn Bruce Lee if you are not him. It’s just a normal Nunchaku with LED effect to glow the bar in Violet, Blue, Red and Green. Well, if you are interested in this LED Lighted Nunchaku while not trying to be the another Bruce Lee, Have a grap of them at Kochi Martial Arts site for $16.

(via Coated and NerdApproved)

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