Swivel Sockets – Rotatable Power Outlet

If you think the common power outlet is not flexible enough for you to locate your plug without influencing your furniture placement, Swivel Sockets is one of the solution.

Swivel Sockets can turns 90 degree

Swivel Sockets can turns 90 degree

Most of the time, there will be some sort of distance between your furniture and the wall because of the fixed direct one way power outlet to plug your electronics. With Swivel Sockets, you can now have the option to turn the position of the outlet 90 degree align with the wall. So it can help you save some space to obtain more aesthetics value in your home.

Moreover, Swivel Sockets also featuring up to 6 outlets with Ground and Surge Portector LED indicator. If you are interested, you can get it for $19.98 only at TaylorGifts.

(via Craziest Gadgets and Coolest Gadgets)

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