XBOX 360 Car – Super Cool Car Mod

If you are a super XBox 360 fan, you will fall in love with this picture in the very first sight! 😉

XBox 360 Car

XBox 360 Car

Imagine you can pimp your car with XBox 360 like this fanatic did. How is your driving experience is going to be?! Exciting? Wonderful? or, dangerous instead?!

Well, according to Xbox slogan: “Life is Short… PLAY MORE!” I agree to a certain degree. But Play more while driving is certainly will drive your life even shorter! :)

However, I would really “want one” of this modification on my car since I’m viewing it as an artistic touch of a gamer and fully filled by the passion for XBOX 360. This is so cool and I think it will be a suitable concept to submit to Suzuki Corp to help them create a Gamer series cars! Smart!

Only one question though… Can anyone tell me where is the screen? :)

(via these cool tech blogs:Woohome, GadgetVenue, Walyou)

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