Car Shaped USB Hub with Extra Storage

Car lover? then you will love this car shaped USB hub with extra storage at the center, so you can store your junkie there!


It looks cute, but not something cool enough to break to Digg front page. Well, whatever. This Car Shaped USB hub have 4 USB 2.0 ports at each of the car wheels. It’s a pretty wide distance so you won’t have a problem even you have a giant USB drives such as the Watermelon flash drive attached onto one of the port. You can still use the other one and It might be a good couple if you plug the Q-car in!


Actually, the storage at the center is intended for holding your cell phone or name cards. But it’s up to you after all. You can pu your pen, pencils, junks, or even trashes!

If you love to have one, head on over Gadget4All to get it for $12.50 only.

Oh yeah, did I say the head also light up when plug in? :)

(via GeekAlerts)

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