Motion Tracking Webcam – Personal Inexpensive Guard

Need a personal, inexpensive guard for your desktop while you are away from your desk? Well, instead of purchasing a WowWee Rovio, this motion tracking webcam is pretty price-wise.

Motion Tracker Webcam

Motion Tracker Webcam


  • Automatically tracks motion and can be controlled from a remote location via the Internet
  • Survey real-time video images of your home from anywhere in the world
  • Captures 640 x 480 resolution video at 30 frames per second and has a 4X digital zoom
  • Pans up to 180° and tilts up to 60° to follow and record the movement
  • View real-time video and control the camera manually from a remote computer
  • Can be set to automatically email you when it detects motion
  • Built-in microphone records sounds from up to 20′ away
  • Includes software for controlling the web camera and a USB cable
  • Requires Windows XP or Vista, and a high-speed Internet connection for real-time video

Well, to make it short, This motion tracking webcam is a webcam that can track any motion of the reach. It also can follow your movement so when you are chatting with your friend, you can free yourself from the seat and move around because the webcam have the feature to follow you.

If you are interested, Motion Tracking webcam is available for $89.95 at Hammacher.

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