Universal USB Cell Phone Charger Keychain

This little gadget looks very practical to carry around and will do what it intended to be, a universal charger for cell phone battery through USB interface.


If you have a tendency to forget to charge your phone or accidentally leave your charger at home when you’re headed out for a weekend, you might consider picking up this tiny phone charger. It’s small enough that it won’t weigh you down anymore than your keys would. Plus since it is a keychain it’d be with you when you need it most. The charger is powered via USB and works with most cellphone batteries.

Just one simple thought. In the description, you’ve read that this universal charger keychain will work with “most” cellphone batteries. But what is that “most” means to be? For nokia? Sony? Chinese Cell Phone? or anything else? Well, there is no further information about it. But for a 1 buck and half gadget, I guess there shouldn’t be a problem to try one to test what is that “most” capable of doing. :)

Universal USB Cell Phone Charger Keychain is available at SourcingMap. Head over there to get one.

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