HP Mini 2140 Netbook – Tiny, Beautiful and Cheap!

Here is a solution for really mobile soul to get the tiny, cool and cheap netbook under $500. It’s from HP code name Mini 2140.


HP Mini 2140 Netbook is only 2.6 pounds weight, powered by Intel Atom processor. The screen is only 10.1-inch wide with the LED backlit technology. Although it’s small, the size of the keyboard is not unusually small. It’s about 92 percent of desktop keyboard, featuring up to 82-key. Not too shabby.


HP Mini 2140 also have a big storage capacity despite of its small body. Well, it’s all thanks to SSD technology which allow HP to squeeze 80-Gigs SSD into the body easily. If you are interested, you can find this HP Mini 2140 notebook this late January. We’ll let you know. :)

(via DVice)

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