MindFlex Game by Mattel

MindFlex Game by Mattel is a mind power and concentration game. It’s hard to describe it and it looks so much like what you’ve seen in sci-fi movie where people controlling movement of an object purely with their mind.

Mattel MindFlex Game

Mattel MindFlex Game

It’s practically the same, but just a little bit low-tech. To play this game, you will need to wear the headset that acts as your brainwave activity detector. Then the headset will translate the brainwave activity into movement for the ball to go through the customizable obstacles within commands within your mind. Sounds so unbelievable until you really try the hard product by yourself. Well, actually I’m not believing it either. But let’s see the fact this Fall season.

Mattel’s MindFlex Game will be available for $79.99. Wait for it if you are really interested in this unbelievable toys for kids age eight and up! Oh, I thought it’s for adult! 😐

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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