Second Gadget Gallery – January 2009

This is the second gadget gallery of January 2009. Well, We are still in the holiday mood so things still going slow for this week. :)

Anyway, this week we have covered some of the future gadgets and hardware on CES 2009 in Las Vegas. We predicting there will be more on the upcoming weeks. So if you are interested, you can subscribe to the CES-2009 tag feed to get CES 2009 updates only.

Okay, here is the gallery of this week. Hope you enjoy it:

And together with this gallery post, we are going to say a farewell and good bye to our favorite gadget blog, GeekAlerts. It seems Robert the owner of GeekAlerts has decided to shut down GeekAlerts forever. So there will be no GeekAlerts link from us anymore. But as a substitution, we will begin to get link from Robert’s Swedish site – from now on. If you don’t understand Swedish, don’t worry, we’ll use Google Translate tool in the link to ease your reading experience. :)

Okay reader, have a good weekend and enjoy your best winter season.

P.S. We would begin to update on deals from several merchants starting today every weekend (preferably Saturday and Sunday). Hopefully you’ll love the deals. If you have any objections, questions or tips, please contact us.

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