New Koss Earbuds with Adjustable Tips

You know, if you have the regular old school earbuds and using it regularly, you’ll find something annoying about them. The most annoying experience is the size of the earbuds that sometimes doesn’t fit our ears and continuously fall out when we are walking or doing activities while listening to the music.

It’s annoying and if you don’t get yourself a Budfits to prevent your earbuds from falling out of your ears, then you should check this new earbuds concept from Koss that will release this March 2009:

Koss Earbuds with Adjustable Tip

Koss Earbuds with Adjustable Tip

According to Conner Flynn at Slipperybrick, Koss Earbuds is a screw-to-fit type of earbuds. It’s very interesting since it can fit your chubby ear hole with a screw away. As far as I know, there is no such concept yet on ear hole compatibility. This is the strong point of Koss Earbuds and maybe that was the thing that pushed the price higher up to $150 a pair while the quality remain unknown.

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