NovelQuest Emperor Throne in the Flesh!

Though we have covered the Emperor Workstation from NovelQuest 6 months ago, we haven’t got any video review and more pictures on this super expensive $40K workstation. Well, thanks to DVICE folks, now you can find the Emperor gaming chair in the flesh in the following video:


NovelQuest Emperor is really something that you shouldn’t kid around. It looks really luxurious as if it’s design for the high-end gals. Well, it’s obvious. $40K is not something affordable for most of us.

Like you’ve seen in the picture and video, almost everything of Emperor Workstation is adjustable (the seat, the LCD, the Sound system) and you can see they paired the Top Gun Alienware PC as the host of the intelligent. But one feature that is pretty invisible is the Air conditioner. Where the heck is that device located? :)

(via NovelQuest and DVice)

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