Credit Card Surviving Tools

I’ve never hoping credit card could save my life. I just hope the credit would never grow rapidly because of regular usage! :) Well, it’s more to a ‘killer tool’ than for surviving. But this credit card surviving tools is really something you would love to use when you are in emergency situation.


You can’t always take your Leatherman multi-tool with you wherever you go, but chances are you’ve always got your wallet on hand. The Credit Card Survival Tool will likely add some serious bulk to your otherwise thin wallet, so you’re going to have to trade off some wallet streamlining for preparedness if you decide to go for this one.

It is a 11-in-1 super efficient tool that is as thick as two credit cards and the dimension is pretty much the same. You will get one can opener, knife, ruler, wrenches, saw blade and more. This is pretty overwhelming for a credit card size tool and more surprising fact is you can get this 11-in-1 credit card surviving tools for only $3 at only Uxcell.

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