Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer High End Heatsink

Xigmatek has announced a Thor’s hammer as your AMD/Intel processor heatsink. Wait, don’t pull a string from the legend’s thor’s hammer to this heatsink. There is no way the heatsink would strike a lightning to your processor to cool them down. Xigmatek named it Thor’s hammer perhaps to express the solid and “brutal” design of this high-end heatsink.




The measurement is 120 x 50 x 159 cm with 500 grams in weight. yes, it’s pretty heavy for a heatsink. Xigmatek Thor’s hammer heatsink also fan compatible, which mean you can equip it with fan and there are two spots available for 120mm fans.

Xigmatek Thor’s also features an aluminium fin array support by four U-shaped 8mm heat pipes that taking charge of direct touch to the processor.

Thor’s Hammer is priced at €56.90 at CaseKing.

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  • Interesting design, but without any benchmarks, it’s not worth much to me.

    As for the weight, 500 grams isn’t that bad, many other heatpipe or giant coolers are heavier than that.

    • Hi Mathieu! Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate your response. I agree with you. It seems CaseKing is lack of this crucial benchmaks data and I can’t find it anywhere. No one will know how this ‘beast’ will perform…

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