Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock

Need someone to wake you up and greet you every morning with some funny comments? Well, you might recall that Sleepy Head – Mr. Radio Clock, but this one is different.


It looks just like an ordinary retro wooden clock, unlike that bad mouth Mr.Clock Radio and you would guess it will ring just like an ordinary alarm clock, right? Nope! That’s the different in this clock.

Every morning, Jeeves awakens Sir with a most smooth and comforting way, His dulcet voice soothes Sir into gentle wakefulness without the unpleasant slap in the face that is normal alarm-clock operation. The heavy wood and the roman numerals on the timepiece’s face lend a old world gothic flavor to the clock.

Yep, it’s talking to you every morning with some funny commentaries. You can download 9 of 130 sounds example at ThinkGeek if you would like to hear the sounds and I can make sure there are all hillarious for your morning. The clock will also feature a Call-to-Sleep sounds so you could settle your things up and go to bed to have your nice sleep. Very nice actually, and it could be a good companion if you are living alone. :)

(ThinkGeek: $70)

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