Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler – Monster of Its Class

Here is a Monster of it class, Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler that pwned all of the processor cooler in the market.

I truly never seen such a HUGE cooler for processor. You will need a good space inside of the PC case to fit this cooler in. Maybe you don’t really need a PC case since this stuff is for master overclocker to boost their Processor speed to the unholy mark. Cooler Master V10 also won’t kick enough in a normal/unoverclocked processor since they don’t produce enough heat to let this BEAST to cool it down.


It’s like a turbo car, you can drive a minivan and a STI all day at 50mph, but when you get to the highway or dragstrip the STI is faster because the “turbo” will turn on.

The TEC will not turn on unless the full heat potential is there. With a Phenom X4, or Core QX, or Core i7, you will have a more dramatic and proper effect since they are high heat. Higher the heat total… the more lead V10 will pull away from everything else and the hybrid mode will only work well with a cpu over Q6600 because the chip has to be very hot.

There is no further information about the benchmark score or something else. But Tweaktown will be reporting on this information in their T.E.C.C.

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