Lian-Li PC-888 – Blue Beast PC Case

Here is another beast hardware for desktop PC. Just now we’ve already seen the Monster CPU cooler, now Lian-Li comes with its new Blue Beast PC Case. Why I called it Blue Beast it’s simply the HUGE PC case and painted in blue, entirely.


Yep, that’s Lian-Lie PC-888 that you can stuff anything inside of it. It have 11 slot of 5.25″ drive bay, enough for you to install all your nerdy component to please your soul.

For such a huge PC case, I’m going to expect for its well-circulated air cooling system. It also have a removable dust filter on each of the drive bay, which turn the unused slots into extra ventilation. However, if you just want to use your PC for normal usage, you’ll never need such a beast on your desktop. But if you really love this blue beast, it should be available soon around $500.

(Source: Devicedaily)

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