Site Update: New Theme, Less Writer, More Features!

It’s been awhile since our first site update. So we think it’s important to update you what’s going on and what is going to happen here. Here is the detail:

First Update:

Starting this 26th, HardwareSphere will be updated by sole writer only. Well, perhaps you won’t realized there are multiple writers here since we are all working under one name. So, in the future, this blog will be a “personal” or one-man blog of Ken Xu where he share all of his opinions.

Second update:

This blog will discuss more on hardware stuff such as PC Hardware. Note that we will still blog on gadget and cool stuff like usual. We will just increase the post per day and that extra contents will be around the sphere of hardware.

Third update:

Hardware Sphere is going to add several interesting weekend content and monthly roundup. In the near future, We are going to held some contest for subscriber only (email or RSS) to win some free giveaway monthly.

Fourth Update:

Since we have a good page strength right now in the eye of several search engines, we are going to reward those who deep-link to posts each week. One blog will get one entry one mentioned at the homepage for the entry week and one more link inside the weekly thank you post. We think it’s a good chance for us to build relationship and find new friend. So make sure to no miss this chance. :)

Fifth Update:

HardwareSphere’s Sunday posts will be all about Deals that you can get from the online merchants. We will do affiliate products promotion here, which mean each of your purchase will give us a little % for us to buy some Starbucks coffee and cookies. 😉

But don’t worry, it won’t inflate the overall cost since the price you pay is the real value of the product, not after adding our % inside.

If you have subscribe to our RSS feed, you will start to seeing the deals entries appear in the feed. If you want to avoid seeing the deals, our solution is to provide you two RSS Feeds, one with deals and one without. It will be available soon together with new theme launching this 26th.

Starting date: Next Week February 1th, 2009.

Sixth Update:

Just Like what we’ve said above, there is a new theme design this 26th. It’s more cleaner and fresher design with no more dark background. The header design will also changing each time we have special event (such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas) to follow the mood of the season and events.

The new theme allows us to insert larger images and there is a well-arranged top posts and related posts listing with thumbnail images. We have seen this type of design somewhere and we love it! So we think it’s crucial to stuff them in. :)

The design also featured several thumbnail ads spots and banner at the header and footer. And there will be a deals zone at the bottom in case you want to spend some of your pennies on gadgets and hardware deal. Well, there are more than handy of features in our new theme, so make sure to visit our site this 26th.

Yep, that’s the updates in Hardware Sphere. Hope this long texts won’t bored you. 😉

Please continue supporting Hardware Sphere by subscribing to our Feed or Email as our writer will dedicated all the his time to bring you the buzz of hot and cool stuffs and delivering interesting contents to your end.

Your support will become his coffee at the sleepy morning, drops of water in the desert, first sun shine after blizzard! :)

Thanks for taking your time reading this post. We appreciate it very much!

Have a wonderful Weekend, Reader!

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